Firefighter Eric Young’s Home on Wheels


The Buildout

We've built a lot of vans for road bikers, mountain bikers, climbers, and other outdoor enthusiasts who need the right storage space to fit all the gear that goes along with them weekend adventures and trips. This custom build presented a new challenge: designing a build that included storage for climbing, mountain biking, stand up paddle boarding (SUP), and swift water rescue training gear. And did we mention, we also needed room to fit all the everyday needs of someone who lives in it full time? Efficient storage solutions and multi-use spaces were crucial.

Interior Specs

custom galley Sprinter van

Custom galley feat. walnut countertops and cabinets with lots of storage space for full time van living

The interior hosts a large galley with custom walnut veneer cabinetry with ample storage space for personal belongings or cookware. There's a butcher block countertop with lots of space for cooking and food prep and a pateena steel backsplash over the sink to stick photos, magnetic spice racks, and other accessories. Alongside the galley is a large bench seat and a fold down walnut table for ad hock dining. The garage space holds a paddle board, bike and other gear storage below. A queen size bed sits up top. Up front, the cabin is equipped with rotating captain's seats and a Pioneer audio stereo system with sub woofer for bumping tunes. The stereo system also comes with an alarm and remote starter. 

Tech and Electrical Specs

sPOD system

Power or dim lights throughout the cabin with simple touch screen controls

water and battery gauges

Lithium battery gauge and water gauge to keep tabs on battery life and water supply

For power, we installed a Lithium battery and 200 watt Zamp Solar, pre-wired for remote solar. We went with the Lithium battery because Eric is living in his van full time. With Lithium you get 3,000-5,000 charge cycles (compared to AGM, which averages 300-500 cycles). The space and weight savings were also important for Eric. Lithium is about 1/3 the weight and 1/3 the size of an AGM battery.  What's also cool about the Lithium battery is that you can use 80% of the power you have without damaging the battery. It also recharges about 5x as fast. On the wall beside the sliding side door is a gauge for the water tank and a gauge for the Lithium battery so it's easy to keep an eye on water and battery levels.

For lighting control, we've installed two switchless systems. One sits over the front dash and one over the galley area. Lights can be easily turned on/off or dimmed throughout the cabin with the simple touch screen controls. Or, you can use the sPOD app on a phone or mobile device to control the lighting from anywhere inside or outside the van.

Exterior Specs

Use the side ladder to take chairs up to the roof to hang out and enjoy the view of the great outdoors.

Exterior features include Aluminess rack for strapping gear down on the roof, Method Racing 17" wheels and BF Goodrich tires. There's also an AMP Research electric step that kicks down whenever the passenger door opens,. The roof doubles as a party deck so he can run up the side ladder, throw some chairs up on the roof and hang out on a rest day or post padding or ride, and soak in the views.

More Images of Eric's Custom Buildout